I was born in America, in the state of Virginia. My parents where there because of my Dad, trying to get his masters degree. I still remember the little tree in my backyard which was what my dad planted as soon I was born. I'm still wondering if it's still there, or if the new owner cut it off...

Moving to Korea

I moved to Korea when I was about 4 years old. We decided to move because the rest of my family lived in Korea and my Dad wanted to return to his job as a professor in Korea. I lived with my Grandma who took care of me while my parents were working. I went to a pre-school named The British International Kindergarten (BIK) until I was old enough to attend elementary school.

Elementary School

This is already my eighth year at YISS, including the kindergarten year. My Dad told me that he applied for both the Dulwich College School and YISS, but YISS replied just before DCSL so he sent me to this school.

Middle School

Transitioning into middle school seemed complicated for me but I got used to it pretty fast. Getting to choose the classes I take was new and the new computers were also knew. I think keeping track of my homework is easier on the computer because assignments have due dates on them and schoology allows us to check grades anytime.


Middle school also brought opportunities for sports teams. Each quarters have different sports. For example, the first quarter has soccer as a sport that you can participate in. Towards the end of the season the teams go to different schools to play against other schools in a jamboree.


Middle school has extra electives and the courses are more complex than elementary school. Personally, the most difficult subject this year was science. To get extra help from the teacher I often sign out to her class during homeroom or stay after school so that I can spend more time understanding the topic.